Akko Tri and tel aviv heat

Runing in tel aviv is not easy these days. summer heat is on the rise and even the mornings are very hot. some trainings are moving indoors especially the athletes that are about to attend the seconed part of the triathlon season here. The first event of the season is Akko triathlon on the 6.9. Meanwhile to get some coling and chilling it is a great idea to sit down with air conditioning and watch part 2 of kilian’s Summit of my life.come check it out:

Upcoming Triathlons in Israel and the first kids tri in Herzliya

The Triathlon in israel is one of the fast and biggest growing sport in the last few years. triathlons are taking places all over the country. from Haifa to Gan shmuel and tel aviv, ashdod, ashkelon and eilat. in the upcoming months if you are visiting there are some major events including triathlon haifa and eilat. but this saturday there is a special triathlon event in herzliya. the first Kids tri event taking place in the city. stating kids from age 8 they will compete in different courses. Here you can find more details about the herzliya kids triathlon.

On the 19th of october the Israel Half iron man triathlon event will take place in haifa. you can find all the details about the different courses here (he).

Nike Night Run in Tel Aviv 2013

Nike Night Run in Tel Aviv Will take Place this year (2013) on Tuesday October 29th in our magical city tlv.

Starting point will take place from Rabin Square on this schedule:
As on every night run event for the last few years nike night run is the most colorful event in tel aviv. come and join us celebrating runners through this beautiful city street. run happy!

Upcoming Running events in Tel Aviv Area

Hello runners tel aviv locals and future travelers and visitors. we have got a lots of questions and help requests recently about upcoming running events in tlv area. here are some (with area expansions ) Run Happy!

Date of Event Industry
2013-07-08 Running Race Night Herzliya
2013-07-23 Lily Half Marathon and 10km from the edge of the Maccabiah 2013 Error
2013-08-01 Race night – two streets running
2013-08-30 Hayarkon Park Half Marathon the seventh running
2013-09-20 2013-2014 season opening race in the Premier Mizuno running at work, running 20/09/2013
The women’s race 2013-10-03 – 2nd Herzliya running
2013-10-11 Race Alam the third Bat Yam running
2013-10-18 Dimona race the first, running 18:10:13
2013-10-29 Night Race 2013 Nike Running
2013-11-08 Race 2013 Ramat Gan Safari running
2013-11-16 Eyal race the 12th running
2013-11-22 Construction of Race – 8 Karne running
2013-11-29 Race crane the third run
2013-11-29 desert race – Full Marathon Running
2013-12-06 Half Marathon 2013 Running Spring Valley
2013-12-20 Veolia Desert Tz’lang’ 2013 Error
2014-02-21 Race Begin the fourth run
2014-02-28 Tel Aviv Marathon 2014 Running
2014-03-07 Mrootz running Premises 2014
2014-03-08 Race Running Kfar Saba 2014
Jerusalem Marathon 2014 2014-03-21 Running
Ra’anana 2014 2014-03-28 Running Race
2014-03-28 Lachish race the first run
2014-04-04 Samaria race the two named Gilad Zar running
2014-04-05 Race AIS 2014 American School Running
2014-04-25 Benjamin Racers the sixth running
2014-05-09 Mizuno racing souvenir houses the two running
2014-05-16 Race Givat Shmuel the fifth running
2014-05-23 Race Talmonim the seventh running
2014-05-30 Race Or Yehuda 2014 Error
2014-06-05 Kiryat Gat night race in 2014 running

Original schedule appears in hebrew here by Real timing site.

Brooks 3rd Night Run In Tel Aviv June 20

If you are planning a visit to tel aviv on Thursday, June 20 there is a great running event arranged by Mrathonya Team and Real Timing. it is the 3rd night race Brooks event with Race Heats: 10 km, half marathon.
Joy, companionship, and shopping discounts  especially for the race and for you.

Find more about the event here (He).

Last Year (2012) Event


RunningTLV invite you to come and run together the beautiful, fascinatingand beloved city of Tel Aviv. You are welcome for the ride! #runningtlv

The Official Full Marathon was cancelled but independent group is about to launch the full race

Attention all TLV Runners!!! This Friday on the 22th there will be a group organized independently to run the full marathon race in Hayarkon Park. after the official cancelation by marathon tel aviv.
Check the independent event page for more details.

The annual multi-course marathon of the great city of tel aviv will not be canceled

The annual multi-course marathon of the great city of tel aviv will not be canceled due the heat expected on the racing day. this last report announced earlier today on the official media. but keep track of the latest news. it reported that the courses track will be changed.

It been announced that  The full Marathon reschedualed for friday the 22.3.13 on Hayarkon park. the other courses will be launched this friday.

You can keep up with the official Marathon Tel Aviv page. for all the runners we wish luck. drink enough and run happy!

20 Kilometers of Happiness

They say the best things happen to you when you’re not ready or expecting it. It happened to me again, yesterday. I started my jogging routine when training this time required distance of 10k. nothing special. But at the beginning of the route I felt something special was going to happen. I overcame the need to challenge myself this time over anticipated. My longest run was 13k and that was about a year or so when i was almost in top form. It is important to note that i never target half marathon as a challenge or a goal yet. I caught a winter day in Tel Aviv and the starting point was haunted by a strong wind came from the sea. I started running from Ramat Aviv – “tel baroch” coastline . I looked at the horizon and saw afar the chimney Reading. I looked further and I saw the silhouette of the Jaffa Mosque and the wall. I wondered if i can get there and back.

Lucky, I was equipped with one energy snack and a water bottle. I realized that it would be enough. let’s go for it i thought.
When I got to Jaffa i noticed i reached a distance of little more than ten kilometers and  If I get to the finish point i lay in at least 20 miles. I felt good, my legs were light and steady pulse. I’m not sure if it was something in my head or if it was the  moment of perfect synchronization between the mind, body and spirit, but I finished the race back after 20 miles. Although it took me a little over two hours but I did it. For the first time in life. It’s a small step but so excited me and I was reminded how important it is done every day something new, learn something, we will just get up and do it. Yesterday at 11:12:12 I ran and did not plan, so much so I ran the first 20 kilometers of happiness.


Scott Jurek is coming to Brooks Maratonia TLV

If your are attending Tel Aviv or anywhere in israel next week you should know Scott Jurek is here too. Jurek is an American ultra marathoner. the most dominant ultramarathon runner in the world. winner of  the Hardrock Hundred (2007), the Badwater Ultramarathon (2005, 2006), the Spartathlon (2006, 2007, 2008), and the Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run (1999-2005). In 2010, at the 24-Hour World Championships in Brive-la-Gaillarde, France, Jurek won a silver medal and set a new US record for distance run in 24 hours with 165.7 miles.

scott will be Running the Desert Run in Eilat on the 23/11/12 and two days later on the 25th, he will be in tel aviv for a free 10k run with fans.after that he will talk about running in “Brooks Maratonia” store in the park near raul valenberg st. more details you can find here. Update(21/11/2012): Scott Jurek cancels his arrival. the event is canceled.